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How to use the directory if you are looking for financial advice in your area.

How you can use
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You have several options on how to get the best out of our financial advisers directory.

Local Financial Adviser Search

If you are asking yourself the question: How do I find Financial Advice Near Me? You are in the right place! When you land on our site you are able to search for financial advisers in your local area. You will be presented with a screen giving you various options:

Select the issue that has brought you to the directory to find an FCA regulated financial adviser. You can expand the options if you are looking for more niche help with insurance, funeral plans or debt help.

Next, choose how you would like to see your results, just as a table, or a location map or as a list of advice firms and advisers.

Finally enter your location and click the ‘search’ button to proceed. Our autosuggest tool will let you know which segments are available for your search to run on. This tool offers your the most relevant of 3 million search locations that are available on the site, each within 10+ segments of financial advice permissions available.

If you type in your city, take care to check that you select the correct version of the place, by referring to the county name we provide alongside it. There are over 48,000 conurbations in the UK and there are many duplicate place names.

For example, there are several versions of Sheffield available to choose from:

Or you can search by various levels of your postcode. For example, your exact postcode S12 2AN, or go up a level for something less specific: S12 2, S12 etc.

If there are too many answers, we will trim the initial list to make it more manageable, if there are not enough we will expand the list to give you more selections to choose from, but all listed in order of distance from the centre of your search.

Financial Adviser Search Results Page

You will be presented with a map, list or map and list of local financial advisers depending on your choices:

These results are those advisers whos firms are able to deal with the issue you have. You can safely talk to each of these advisers about your issue knowing that they will be able to either help you or work on your case within their firm to provide you with the correct and regulated advice you need.

Some results may have advisers who area local to you, but are not the closest to you. These advisers have added more details to their listings and are actively looking for new business. You will find some advisers are already busy and not taking new clients, so whilst you may enquire with them, you might want to consider some of these other local adviser that are actively looking for new clients. They key here, is the choice is yours.

Enquire with you chosen adviser, firm or firms

You can either enquire now from the list of advisers, or view the firm profile to learn more about them. You can also enquire from the profile page:

Simply fill out the form to have your enquiry emailed to your choice / choices. There is no need to add your phone number when using our directory service. Now sit back and wait for your adviser to respond.

Example searches

Some example searches we provide for you are e.g. a map and table list of financial advisers in Dundee:

A map only list of mortgage advisers in York:

So, you get the picture? Any type of advice, any location, the choice is yours.

What else can I do on

Here at financial advisers we offer several other useful functions as well as having a complete database off UK FCA regulated advisers and individuals and their associated regulatory permissions.

Financial adviser matching service

We also provide a financial adviser matching service. This service presents you with a more detailed set of questions that will segment your advice needs and capture your contact details to allow one of our panel of approved advisers to call you back within the next hour (usually) for a ‘no obligation’ review of your circumstances to see how they can help.

Each response from you will trigger specific next questions that are appropriate to your need. For example, what life change has led to your pension enquiry:

You will be asked for an estimate of the financial size of your enquiry to guage the complexity of your circumstances so we can begin to recommend a cost effective provider for your issue. There is no point paying for wealth management review charges and eating into your precious savings if your situation is more transactional and straight forward and vice versa.

You will then be asked a series of other relevant questions and finally be asked to provide contact details for your ‘No Obligation’ review.

Once submitted you will immediately receive notification of your adviser by Email and SMS and you will receive a call to answer your questions and understand your problems, hopefully within the hour. GThere is no obligation for this call, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t receive a call or it doesn’t fit your needs we will find you an alternative FREE of charge.

Name searches

We know that the FCA regulatory environment can be confusing for all, who has what permissions, who has what qualifications, where is head office, where are the individuals, and is the person I am talking to genuine and regulated. In order to help give you confidence in your chosen adviser or firm we offer a search of the entire FCA database of advisers and firms registered and trading names. Our FCA name search facility will allow you to search for advisers by name:

Or firms by registered name, or trading name:

You will see related results, and the most specific results at the top of the page. In the above instance you can see the benefit of our trading name search and ‘also known as’ function:

You will also be able to check your advisers work history, FCA controlled functions granted, work experience, and any other firms that adviser is linked with:

All this information is provided for free and should allow you to put your mind at rest that your firm or adviser is the right person to be talking to you and you can rest easy that you are working with a regulated individual or firm with your best interests at heart.


So, as we said, you get the picture… Search for any type of regulated advisors, in any location. View a map, view a table, get all advice firms, or those specifically looking for new customers. Or use our matching service so you don’t have to think through the complexities of the industry and work out who is right for your cirumstances. And if you have an adviser in mind, then use our financial adviser name search service to check their credentials.

We hope you enjoy our service and find it useful. Let us know if you have any ideas on how to improve what we offer, or find any issues with the service. We are always looking to help and improve!

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